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The best family law attorney will be an experienced, communicative, and honest lawyer who is willing to fight for the rights of their client. Knowledge and relevant experience are the most important factors when choosing the best family law attorney for your situation because these factors will help with decision making. Knowledgable, experienced family law attorneys will know what to do and when to do it and will be able to provide the best advice.
Communication is an extremely important part of any court proceeding, especially when it comes to family law. Being honest with your attorney will go a long way, and so will maintaining a line of communication with your partner or spouse. Open communication will help ensure a successful court proceeding because it will facilitate everyone having their needs and wants understood. Open communication will make an amicable solution much more likely.
An attorneys relevant experience and knowledge will go a long way in the family court system because they’ll be able to set reasonable expectations and make reasonable requests. Newer attorneys or attorneys without relevant experience are less likely to be familiar with what is typical and may set goals and expectations that are impossible to achieve.